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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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DIARY OF                              LONDON

Who can tell how oft he offendeth ? Teach me, there-
fore, so to number my days, that I may apply my heart
unto wisdom, and make my calling and election sure.
Amen, Lord Jesus!

3ist October, 1680. I spent this whole day in exer-
cises. A stranger preached at Whitehall * on Liake xvi.
30, 31. I then went to St. Martin's, where the Bishop
of St. Asaph preached on i Peter iii. 15; the Holy Com-
munion followed, at which I participated, humbly im-
ploring God's assistance in the great work I was entering
into. In the afternoon, I heard Dr. Sprat, at St. Mar-
garet's, on Acts xvii. n.

I began and spent the whole week in examining my
life, begging pardon for my faults, assistance and bless-
ing for the future, that I might, in some sort, be pre-
pared for the time that now drew near, and not have the
great work to begin, when one can work no longer. The
Lord Jesus help and assist me! I therefore stirred little
abroad till the 5th of November, when I heard Dr. Tenisott, ,
the now vicar of St. Martin's; Dr. Lloyd, the former in-
cumbent, being made Bishop of St. Asaph.

7th November, 1680. I participated of the blessed
Communion, finishing and confirming my resolutions of
giving myself up more entirely to God, to whom I had now
most solemnly devoted the rest of the poor remainder of
life in this world; the Lord enabling me, who am an un-
profitable servant, a miserable sinner, yet depending on
his infinite goodness and mercy accepting my endeavors.
15th November, 1680. Came to dine with us Sir Rich-
ard Anderson, his lady, son and wife, sister to my daugh-

3oth November, 1680. The anniversary election at the
Royal Society brought me to London, where was chosen
President that excellent person and great philosopher,
Mr. Robert Boyle, who indeed ought to have been the
very first; but neither his infirmity nor his modesty
could now any longer excuse him. I desired I might for
this year be left out of the Council, by reason my dwell-
ing was in the country. The Society according- to cus-
tom dined together.

The signal day begun the trial (at which I was present)
Probably to the King's household, very early in the morning, as the how necessary a