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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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IS4                             DIARY   OF                               LONDON

seated among the Commons, when the witnesses were
sworn and examined. The principal witnesses were Mr.
Dates (who called himself Dr.), Mr. Dugdale, and Tttrber-
ville. Oates swore that he delivered a commission to
Viscount Stafford from the Pope, to be Paymaster-
General to an army intended to be raised; Dug-dale, that
being at Lord Aston's, the prisoner dealt with him plainly
to murder his Majesty; and Turberville, that at Paris he
also proposed the same to him.

3d December, 1680. The depositions of my Lord's
witnesses were taken, to invalidate the King's witnesses;
they were very slight persons, but, being fifteen or six-
teen, they took tap all that day, and in truth they rather
did my Lord more injury than service.

4th December, 1680. Came other witnesses of the
Commons to corroborate the King's, some being Peers,
some Commons, with others of good quality, who took off
all the former days objections, and set the King's wit-
nesses recti in curid.

6th December, 1680. Sir William Jones summed up the
evidence; to him succeeded all the rest of the managers,
and then Mr. Henry Poule made a vehement oration.
After this my Lord, as on all occasions, and often during
the trial, spoke in his own defense, denying the charge
altogether, and that he had never seen Oates, or Turber-
ville, at the time and manner affirmed: in truth, their
testimony did little weigh with me; Dugdale's only
seemed to press hardest, to which my Lord spoke a great
while, but confusedly, without any method.

One thing my Lord said as to Oates, which I confess
did exceedingly affect me: That a person who during- his
depositions should so vauntingly brag that though he
went over to the Church of Rome, yet he was never a
Papist, nor of their religion, all the time that he seemed
to apostatize from the Protestant, but only as a spy;
though he confessed he took their sacrament; worshiped
images, went through all their oaths and discipline of
their -proselytes, swearing secrecy and to be faithful, but
with intent to come over again and betray them; that
such a hypocrite, that had so deeply prevaricated as
even to turn idolater (for so we of the Church of Eng-
land termed it), attesting God so solemnly that he was
entirely theirs and devoted to their interest, and conse-act, at which I was but