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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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1682                                JOHN EVELYN                                   171

or supervisors, of the Academy which Monsieur Faubert
did hope to procure to be built by subscription of worthy
gentlemen and noblemen, for the education of youth, and
to lessen the vast expense the nation is at yearly by
sending children into France to be taught military
exercises. We thought to give him all the encouragement
our recommendation could procure.

15th August, 1682. Came to visit me Dr. Rogers, an
acquaintance of mine long since at Padua. He was then
Consul of the English nation, and student in that Uni-
versity, where he proceeded Doctor in Physic; presenting
me now with the Latin oration he lately made upon the
famous Dr. Harvey's anniversary in the College of Phy-
sicians, at London.

2oth August, 1682. This night I saw another comet,
near Cancer, very bright, but the stream not so long as
the former.

2Qth August, 1682. Supped at Lord Clarendon's, with
Lord Hyde, his brother, now the great favorite, who
invited himself to dine at my house the Tuesday follow-

3oth October, 1682. Being my birthday, and I now en-
tering my great climaeterical of 63, after serious recollec-
tions of the years past, giving Almighty God thanks for
all his merciful preservations and forbearance, begging
pardon for my sins and uaworthiness, and his blessing
on me the year entering, I went with my Lady Fox to
survey her building, and give some directions for the
garden at Chiswick; the architect is Mr. May, somewhat
heavy and thick, and not so well understood: the garden
much too narrow, the place without water, near a high-
way, and near another great house of my Lord Burling-
ton, little land about it, so that I wonder at the expense;
but women will have their will.

25th November, 1682. I was invited to dine with
Monsieur Lionberg, the Swedish Resident, who made a
magnificent entertainment, it being the birthday of his
King. There dined the Duke of Albemarle, Duke of
Hamilton, Earl of Bath, Earl of Aylesbury, Lord Arran,
Lord Castlehaven, the son of him who was executed fifty
years before, and several great persons. I was exceedingly
afraid of drinking (it being a Dutch feast), but the Duke
of Albemarle being that night to wait on his Majesty,ned Mahometans not above fifty years since; the