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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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DIARY OF                           LONDON

excess was prohibited; and, to prevent all, I stole away
and left the company as soon as we rose from table.

28th November, 1682. I went to the Council of the
Royal Society, for the auditing: the last year's account,
where I was surprised with a fainting fit that for a time
took away my sight; but God being merciful to me, I
recovered it after a short repose.

3oth November, 1682. I was exceedingly endangered
and importuned to stand the election,* having so many
voices, but by favor of my friends, and regard of my
remote dwelling, and now frequent infirmities, I desired
their suffrages might be transferred to Sir John Hoskins,
one of the Masters of Chancery; a most learned virtuoso
as well as lawyer, who accordingly was elected.

7th December, 1682. Went to congratulate Lord Hyde
(the great favorite) newly made Earl of Rochester, and.
lately marrying his eldest daughter to the Earl of

i8th December, 1682. I sold my East India adventure
of ^250 principal for ^750 to the Royal Society, after I
had been in that company twenty-five years, being ex-
traordinarily advantageous, by the blessing of God.

23d January, 1682-83. Sir Francis North, son to the
Lord North, and Lord Chief Justice, being made Lord
Keeper on the death of the Earl of Nottingham, the Lord
Chancellor, I went to congratulate him. He is a most
knowing, learned, and ingenious man, and, besides being
an excellent person, of an ingenious and sweet disposi-
tion, very skillful in music, painting, the new philosophy,
and politer studies.

29th January, 1683. Supped at Sir Joseph William-
son's, where was a select company of our Society, Sir
William Petty, Dr. Gale (that learned schoolmaster of
St. Paul's), Dr. Whistler, Mr. Hill, etc. The conversation
was philosophical and cheerful, on divers considerable
questions proposed; as of the hereditary succession of
the Roman Emperors; the Pica mentioned in the pref-
ace to our Common Prayer, which signifies only the
Greek Kalendarium. These were mixed with lighter

2d February, 1683.    I made nay court  at  St. James's,
when I saw the sea charts of Captain Collins, which that
* For President of the Royal Society.arle being that night to wait on his Majesty,ned Mahometans not above fifty years since; the