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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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JOHN EVELYN                           ,75

Forest, in a barren spot, as oftentimes these suddenly
monied men for the most part seat themselves. He from
a merchant's apprentice, and management of the East
India Company's stock, being arrived to an estate (it is
said) of ^200,000; and lately married his daughter to
the eldest son of the Duke of Beaufort, late Marquis of
Worcester, with ^50,000 portional present, and various

I dined at Mr. Houblon's, a rich and gentle French
merchant, who was building a house in the Forest, near
Sir J. Child's, in a place where the late Earl of Norwich
dwelt some time, and which came from his lady, the
widow of Mr. Baker. It will be a pretty villa, about
five miles from Whitechapel.

18th March, 1683. I went to hear Dr. Horneck preach
at the Savoy Church, on Phil, ii 5. He was a German
born, a most pathetic preacher, a person of a saint-like
life, and hath written an excellent treatise on Considera-

2oth March, 1683. Dined at Dr. Whistler's, at the
Physicians' College, with Sir Thomas Millington, both
learned men; Dr. W. the most facetious man in nature,
and now Censor of the college. I was here consulted
where they should build their library; it is a pity this college
is built so near Newgate Prison, and in so obscure a hole,
a fault in placing most of our public buildings and
churches in the city, through the avarice of some few
men, and his Majesty not overruling it, when it was in
his power after the dreadful conflagration.

2ist March, 1683. Dr. Tenison preached at Whitehall
on i Cor. vi. 12; I esteem him to be one of the most
profitable preachers in the Church of England, being also
of a most holy conversation, very learned and ingenious.
The pains he takes and care of his parish will, I fear,
wear him out, which would be an inexpressible loss.

24th March, 1683. I went to hear Dr. Charleton's lec-
ture on the heart in the Anatomy Theater at the Physi-
cians' College.

3oth March, 1683. To London, in order to my passing
the following week, for the celebration of the Easter
now approaching, there being in the Holy Week so many
eminent preachers officiating at the Court and other
places.of the  Diary.