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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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jt7<                                    DIARY  Ofr

6th April, 1683. GOOD FRIDAY. There was in the aft-
ernoon, according to custom, a sermon before the King,
at Whitehall; Dr. Sprat preached for the Bishop of Roch-

17th April, 1683, I was at the launching of the last of
the thirty ships ordered to be newly built by Act of Parlia-
ment, named the <( Neptune,y> a second rate, one of the
goodliest vessels of the whole navy, built by my kind
neighbor, young Mr. Shish, his Majesty's master ship-
wright of this dock.

ist May, 1683. I went to Blackheath, to see the new
fair, being the first procured by the Lord Dartmouth.
This was the first day, pretended for the sale of cattle,
but I think in truth to enrich the new tavern at the
bowling-green, erected by Snape, his Majesty's farrier, a
man full of projects. There appeared nothing but an in-
numerable assembly of drinking people from London,
peddlars, etc., and I suppose it too near London to be of
any great use to the country.

March was unusually hot and dry, and all April exces-
sively wet.

I planted all the out limits of the garden and long walks
with holly.*

9th May, 1683. Dined at Sir Gabriel Sylvius's and
thence to visit the Duke of Norfolk, to ask whether he
would part with any of his cartoons and other drawings
of Raphael, and the great masters; he told me if he
might sell them all together he would, but that the late
Sir Peter Lely (our famous painter) had gotten some of
his best. The person who desired me to treat for them
was Vander Douse, grandson to that great scholar, con-
temporary and friend of Joseph Scaliger.

i6th May, 1683. Came to dinner and visited me Sir
Richard Anderson, of Pendley, and his lady, with whom
I went to London.

8th June, 1683. On my return home from the Royal
Society, I found Mr. Wilbraham, a young gentleman of

nth Jtme, 1683. The Lord Dartmouth was elected
Master of the Trinity House- son to George Legge, late

*Eyelynadds a note:   400 feet in length, 9 feet high, .5 in diame-
ter, in my now ruined garden,  thanks to the Czar of Muscovy. 
t book ii. chap, vlk so many