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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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X84                                        DIARY OF                                  LONDON

gentleman, wrought much pity, and occasioned  various
discourses on the plot.

25th July, 1683. I again saw Prince George of Den-
mark: he had the Danish countenance, blonde, of few
words, spoke French but ill, seemed somewhat heavy,
but reported to be valiant, and indeed he had bravely
rescued and brought off his brother, the King of Den-
mark, in a battle against the Swedes, when both these
Kings were engaged very smartly.

28th July, 1683. He was married to the Lady Anne
at Whitehall. Her Court and household to be modeled
as the Duke's, her father, had been, and they to con-
tinue in England,

ist August, 1683. Came to see me Mr. Flamsted, the
famous astronomer, from his Observatory at Greenwich, to
draw the meridian from my pendule, etc.

2d August, 1683. The Countesses of Bristol and Sunder-
land, aunt and cousin-german of the late Lord Russell,
came to visit me, and condole his sad fate. The next day,
came Colonel Russell, uncle to the late Lord Russell, and
brother to the Earl of Bedford, and with him Mrs. Mid-
dleton, that famous and indeed incomparable beauty,
daughter to my relation, Sir Robert Needham.

i9th August, 1683. I went to Bromley to visit our
Bishop, and excellent neighbor, and to congratulate his
now being made Archbishop of York. On the 28th, he
came to take his leave of us, now preparing for his jour-
ney and residence in his province.

28th August, 1683. My sweet little grandchild, Martha
Maria, died, and on the 29th was buried in the parish

2d September, 1683.   This morning, was read  in   the
church, after the office was done, the Declaration setting
" forth the late conspiracy against the King's person.

3d September, 1683, I went to see what had been
done by the Duke of Beaufort on his lately purchased
house at Chelsea, which I once had the selling of for the
Countess of Bristol, he had made great alterations, but
might have built a better house with the materials and
the cost he had been at

Saw the Countess of Monte Feltre, whose husband I had
formerly known, he was a subject of the Pope's, but be-
coming a Protestant he resided in England, and marriedly, the piety and worthiness of the unhappyspiracy; his Majesty Tery melancholy,, eighth Earl of Northumherland, shot himself in the