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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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young gentlemen or chaplains to noblemen, who being
reproved by him on occasion for frequenting taverns or
coffeehouses, told him they would study or employ their
time better, if they had books. This put the pious Doc-
tor on this design; and indeed a great reproach it is that
so great a city as London should not have a public library
becoming it. There ought to be one at St Paul's; the
west end of that church (if ever finished) would be a
convenient place.

23d February, 1684. I went to Sir John Chardin, who
desired my assistance for the engraving the plates, the
translation, and printing his History of that wonderful
Persian Monument near Persepolis, and other rare an-
tiquities, which he had caused to be drawn from the
originals in his second journey into Persia, .which we now
concluded upon. Afterward, I went with Sir Christopher
Wren to Dr. Tenison, where we made the drawing and
estimate of the expense of the library, to be begun this
next spring near the Mews.

Great expectation of the Prince of Orange's attempts
in Holland to bring those of Amsterdam to consent to
the new levies, to which we were no friends, by a pseudo-
politic adherence to the French interest.

26th February, 1684. Came to visit me Dr. Turner,
our new Bishop of Rochester.

28th February, 1684. I dined at Lady Tuke's, where
I heard Dr. Walgrave (physician to the Duke and Duchess)
play excellently on the lute

7th March, 1684. Dr. Meggot, Dean of Winchester,
preached an incomparable sermon (the King being now
gone to Newmarket), on Heb. xii. 15, showing and
pathetically pressing the care we ought to have lest we
come short of the grace of God. Afterward, I went to
visit Dr. Tenison at Kensington, whither he was retired
to refresh, after he had been sick of the smallpox.

15th March, 1684. At Whitehall preached Mr. Henry
Godolphin, a prebend of St. Paul's, and brother to my
dear friend Sydney, on Isaiah Iv. 7. I dined at the Lord
Keeper's, and brought him to Sir John Chardin, who
showed him his accurate drafts of his travels in Persia.

28th March, 1684. There was so great a concourse of
people with their children to be touched for the Evil,
that six or seven were crushed to death by pressing atrs toe Evil,