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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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DIARY OF                          SURREY

tlie chirurgeon's door for tickets. The weather began to
be more mild and tolerable; but there was not the least
appearance of any spring.

3oth March, 1684. Easter day. The Bishop of Roches-
ter preached before the King; after which his Majesty,
accompanied with three of his natural sons, the Dukes
of Northumberland, Richmond, and St. Alban (sons of
Portsmouth, Cleveland, and Nelly), went up to the altar;
the three boys entering before the King within the rails,
at the right hand, and three bishops on the left: London
(who officiated), Durham, and Rochester, with the sub-
dean, Dr. Holder. The King, kneeling before the altar,
making his offering, the Bishops first received, and then
his Majesty; after which he retired to a canopied seat on
the right hand. Note, there was perfume burned before
the office began. I had received the Sacrament at White-
hall early with the Lords and household, the Bishop of
London officiating. Then went to St. Martin's, where
Dr. Tenison preached (recovered from the smallpox);
then went again to Whitehall as above. In the after-
noon, went to St. Martin's again.

4th April, 1684. I returned home with my family to
my house at Sayes Court, after five months' residence in
London; hardly the least appearance of any spring.

3oth April, 1684. A letter of mine to the Royal Soci-
ety concerning the terrible effects of the past winter being*
read, they desired it might be printed in the next part
of their c< Transactions.})

zoth May, 1684. I went to visit my brother in Surrey.
Called by the way at Ashted, where Sir Robert Howard
(Auditor of the Exchequer) entertained me very civilly
at his newly-built house, which stands in a park on the
Down, the avenue south; though down hill to the house,
which is not great, but with the outhouses very conven-
ient. The staircase is painted by Verrio with the story
of Astrea; among other figures is the picture of the
painter himself, and not unlike him; the rest is well
done, only the columns did not at all please me; there
is also Sir Robert's own picture in an oval; the whole in
fresco. The place has this great defect, that there is no
water but what is drawn up by horses from a very deep well.

nth May, 1684. Visited Mr, Higham, who was ill,
and died three days after. His grandfather and fathercules, fight with the Centaurs,