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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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(who christened me), with himself, had now been rectors
of this parish 101 years, viz, from May,  1583.

12th May, 1684. I returned to London, where I found
the Commissioners of the Admiralty abolished, and the
office of Admiral restored to the Duke, as to the dispos-
ing and ordering all sea business; but his Majesty signed
all petitions, papers, warrants, and commissions, that the
Duke, not acting as admiral by commission or office,
might not incur the penalty of the late Act against Pa-
pists and Dissenters holding offices, and refusing the oath
and test. Every one was glad of this change, those in
the late Commission being utterly ignorant in their duty,
to the great damage of the Navy.

The utter ruin of the Low Country was threatened by
the siege of Luxemburg, if not timely relieved, and by
the obstinacy of the Hollanders, who refused to assist the
Prince of Orange, being corrupted by the French.

16th May, 1684. I received ^"600 of Sir Charles Bick-
erstaff for the fee farm of Pilton, in Devon.

26th May, 1684. Lord Dartmouth was chosen Master
of the Trinity Company,-newly returned with the fleet
from blowing up and demolishing Tangier. In the ser-
mon preached on this occasion, Dr. Can observed that,
in the 27th chapter of the Acts of the Apostles, the cast-
ing anchor out of the fore ship had been caviled at as
betraying total ignorance: that it is very true our seamen
do not do so; but in the Mediterranean their ships were
built differently from ours, and to this day it was the
practice to do so there.

Luxemburg was surrendered to the French, which
makes them master of all the Netherlands, gives them
entrance into Germany, and a fair game for universal
monarchy; which that we should suffer, who only and
easily might have hindered, astonished all the world.
Thus is the poor Prince of Orange ruined, and this nation
and all the Protestant interest in Europe following, unless
God in his infinite mercy, as by a miracle, interpose,
and our great ones alter their counsels. The French
fleet were now besieging Genoa, but after burning much
of that beautiful city with their bombs, went off with

nth June, 1684. My cousin, Verney, to whom a very
great fortune was fallen, came to take leave of us, going intowho was ill,