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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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long- way, burning under the water, now and then ap-
pearing above it, giving reports like muskets and cannon,
with grenades and innumerable other devices. It is said
it cost ;Ģi,5oo. It was concluded with a ball, where all
the young ladies and gallants danced in the great hall.
The court had not been seen so brave and rich in apparel
since his Majesty's Restoration.

3oth November, 1684. In the morning, Dr. Fiennes,
son of the Lord Say and Seale, preached before the King
on Joshua xxi. n.

3d December, 1684. I carried Mr. Justell and Mr.
Slingsby (Master of the Mint), to see Mr. Sheldon's
collection of medals. The series of Popes was rare, and
so were several among the moderns, especially that of
John Huss's martyrdom at Constance; of the Roman
Emperors, Consulars some Greek, etc., in copper, gold,
and silver; not many truly antique; a medallion of
Otho Paulus ^Emilius, etc., ancient. They were held
at a price of ^1,000; but not' worth, I judge, above

7th December, 1684. I went to see the new church at
St. James's, elegantly built; the altar was especially
adorned, the white marble inclosure curiously and richly
carved, the flowers and garlands about the walls by
Mr. Gibbons, in wood: a pelican with her young at
her breast; just over the altar in the carved compart-
ment and border environing the purple velvet fringed
with I. H. S. richly embroidered, and most noble plate,
were given by Sir R. Geere, to the value (as was said)
of ^200. There was no altar anywhere in England, nor
has there been any abroad, more handsomely adorned.

17th December, 1684. Early in the morning I went
into St. James's Park to see three Turkish, or Asian
horses, newly brought over, and now first shown to his
Majesty. There were four, but one of them died at sea,
being three weeks coming from Hamburg. They
were taken from a Bashaw at the siege of Vienna, at
the late famous raising that leaguer. I never beheld
so delicate a creature as one of them was, of somewhat
a bright bay, two white feet, a blaze; such a head,
eyes, ears, neck, breast, belly, haunches, legs, pasterns,
and feet, in all regards, beautiful, and proportioned to
admiration; spirited, proud, nimble, making halt, turning- moved ae King at Windsor soon after, the King took a ring