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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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DIARY OF                             LONDON

loth April, 1685. I went early to Whitehall to hear
Dr. Tillotson, Dean of Canterbury, preaching on Eccles.
ix, 18. I returned in the evening, and visited Lady
Tuke, and found with her Sir George Wakeman, the
physician, whom I had seen tried and acquitted, among
the plotters for poisoning the late King, on the accusa-
tion of the famous Gates; and surely I believed him

14th April, 1685. According to my custom, I went to
London to pass the holy week.

17th April, 1685. GOOD FRIDAY. Dr. Tenison preached
at the new church at St. James, on i Cor. xvi. 22, upon
the infinite love of God to us, which he illustrated in
many instances. The Holy Sacrament followed, at which
I participated. The Lord make me thankful! In the
afternoon, Dr. Sprat, Bishop of Rochester, preached in
Whitehall chapel, the auditory very full of Lords, the
two Archbishops, and many others, now drawn to town
upon occasion of the coronation and ensuing Parliament.
I supped with the Countess of Sunderland and Lord
Godolphin, and returned home.

23d April, 1685. Was the coronation of the King and
Queen. The solemnity was magnificent as is set forth
in print. The Bishop of Ely preached; but, to the sor-
row of the people, no Sacrament, as ought to have been.
However, the King begins his reign with great expec-
tations, and hopes of much reformation as to the late
vices and profaneness of both Court and country. Having"
been present at the late King's coronation, I was not
ambitious of seeing this ceremony.

3d May, 1685. A young man preached, going chaplain
with Sir. J. Wiburn, Governor of Bombay, in the East

7th May, 1685. I was in Westminster Hall when Gates,
who had made such a stir in the kingdom, on his reveal-
ing a plot of the Papists, and alarmed several Parliaments,
and had occasioned the execution of divers priests,
noblemen, etc., was tried for perjury at the King-'s
bench; but, being very tedious, I did not endeavor to see
the issue, considering that it would be published. Abun-
dance of Roman Catholics were in the hall in expectation
of the most grateful conviction and ruin of a person who
been so obnoxious to them, and as I verilyt gentleman, much in favor with his