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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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notice of, that the (< Gazettes  which were still constantly
printed twice a week, informing us what was done all
over Europe, never spoke of this wonderful proceeding
in France; nor was any relation of it published by any,
save what private letters and the persecuted fugitives
brought. Whence this silence, I list not to conjecture;
but it appeared very extraordinary in a Protestant coun-
try that we should know nothing of what Protestants
suffered, while great collections were made for them in
foreign places, more hospitable and Christian to appearance.

5th November, 1685. It being an extraordinarily wet
morning, and myself indisposed by a very great rheum,
I did not go to church, to my very great sorrow, it being
the first Gunpowder Conspiracy anniversary that had been
kept now these eighty years under a prince of the Ro-
man religion. Bonfires were forbidden on this day; what
does this portend!

9th November, 1685. Began the Parliament. The King
in his speech required continuance of a standing force
instead of a militia, and indemnity and dispensation to
Popish officers from the Test; demands very unexpected
and unpleasing to the Commons. He also required a
supply of revenue, which they granted; but returned no
thanks to the King for his speech, till farther considera-

i2th November, 1685. The Commons postponed finish-
ing the bill for the Supply, to consider the Test, and
Popish officers; this was carried but by one voice.

i4th November, 1685. I dined at Lambeth, my Lord
Archbishop carrying me with him in his barge; there
were my Lord Deputy of Ireland, the Bishops of Ely
and St. Asaph, Dr. Sherlock, and other divines; Sir Will-
iam Hayward, Sir Paul Rycaut, etc.

2oth November, ,1685. The Parliament was adjourned
to February, several both of Lords and Commons ex-
cepting against some passage of his Majesty's speech re-
lating to the Test, and continuance of Popish officers in
command. This was a great surprise in a Parliament
which people believed would have complied in all things.

Popish pamphlets and pictures sold publicly; no books
nor answers to them appearing till long after.

2ist November, 1685. I resigned my trust for com-
posing a difference between Mr. Thynn and his wife.hecy as now