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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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DIARY   OP                             GREENWICH

22d November, 1685. Hitherto was a very wet, warm

4th December, 1685. Lord Sunderland was declared
President of the Council, and yet to hold his Secretary's
place. The forces disposed into several quarters through
the kingdom are very insolent, on which are great com-

Lord Brandon, tried for the late conspiracy, was con-
demned and pardoned; so was Lord Grey, his accuser
and witness,

Persecution in France raging, the French insolently
visit our vessels, and take away the fugitive Protestants;
some escape in barrels.

loth December, 1685. To Greenwich, being put into
the new Commission of Sewers.

i3th December, 1685. Dr. Patrick, Dean of Peterbor-
ough, preached at Whitehall, before the Princess of Den-
mark, who, since his Majesty came to the Crown;
always sat in the King's closet, and had the same
bowings and ceremonies applied to the place where
she was, as his Majesty had when there in person.

Dining at Mr. Pepys's, Dr. Slayer showed us an ex-
periment of a wonderful nature, pouring first a very cold
liquor into a glass, and superfusing on it another, to ap-
pearance cold and clear liquor also; it first produced a
white cloud, then boiling, divers coruscations and actual
flames of fire mingled with the liquor, which being a lit-
tle shaken together, fixed divers suns and stars of real
fire, perfectly globular, on the sides of the glass, and
which there stuck like so many constellations, burning
most vehemently, and resembling stars and heavenly
bodies, and that for a long space. It seemed to exhibit
a theory of the eduction of light out of the chaos, and
the fixing or gathering of the universal light into lumi-
nous bodies. This matter, or phosphorus, was made
out of human blood and urine, elucidating the vital
flame, or heat in animal bodies. A very noble experi-

i6th December, 1685. I accompanied my Lord-Lieu-
tenant as far as St. Alban's, there going out of town
with him near 200 coaches of all the great officers and
nobility. The next morning taking leave, I returned to
London,r answers to them appearing till long after.