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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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and . . . , and Rochester and Durham put in their
places; the former had opposed the toleration intended,
and shown a worthy zeal for the reformed religion as

6th January, 1686. I dined with the Archbishop of
York, where was Peter Walsh, that Romish priest so well
known for his moderation, professing the Church of Eng-
land to be a true member of the Catholic Church. He
is used to go to our public prayers without scruple, and
did not acknowledge the Pope's infallibility, only primacy
of order.

i pth   January,  1686.    Passed  the   Privy   Seal,    among

others, the   creation of   Mrs.   Sedley (concubine to-----)

Countess of Dorchester, which the Queen took very griev-
ously, so as for two dinners, standing near her, I observed
she hardly ate one morsel, nor spoke one word to the
King, or to any about her, though at other times she
used to be extremely pleasant, full of discourse and good
humor. The Roman Catholics were also very angry:
because they had so long valued the sanctity of their
religion and proselytes.

Dryden, the famous playwriter, and his two sons, and

Mrs.   Nelly   (miss to   the late-----), were  said to go to

mass; such proselytes were no great loss to the   Church.

This night was burnt to the ground my Lord Mon-
tague's palace in Bloomsbury, than which for painting
and furniture there was nothing more glorious in England.
This happened by the negligence of a servant airing, as
they call it, some of the goods by the fire in a moist
season; indeed, so wet and mild a season had scarce been
seen in man's memory.

At this Seal there also passed the creation of Sir Henry
Waldegrave to be a Peer. He had married one of the
King's natural daughters by Mrs. Churchill. These two
Seals my brother Commissioners passed in the morning
before I came to town, at which I was not displeased.
We likewise passed Privy Seals for ^276,000 upon sev-
eral accounts, pensions, guards, wardrobes, privy purse,
etc., besides divers pardons, and one more which I must
not forget (and which by Providence I was not present at)
one Mr. Lytcott to be Secretary to the Ambassador to
Rome. We being three Commissioners, any two were a
quorum.ublic devotions. The Dean of the Chapel