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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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his Majesty had given me leave; which he was pleased
to do; but, after several meetings we broke off, on his
not being willing to secure anything competent for my
daughter's children; besides that I found most of his estate
was in the coal-pits as far off .as Newcastle, and on leases
from the Bishop of Durham, who had power to make
concurrent leases, with other difficulties.

7th March, 1686. Dr. Frampton, Bishop of Gloucester,
preached on Psalm xliv. 17, 18, 19, showing the several
afflictions of the Church of Christ from the primitive to
this day, applying exceedingly to the present conjuncture,
when many were wavering in their minds, and great
temptations appearing through the favor now found by
the Papists, so as the people were full of jealousies and
discouragement. The Bishop magnified the Church of
England, exhorting to constancy and perseverance.

loth March, 1686. A Council of the Royal Society
about disposing of Dr. Ray's book of Fishes, which was
printed at the expense of the Society.

i2th March, 1686. A docket was to be sealed, import-
ing a lease of twenty-one years to one Hall, who styled
himself his Majesty's printer (he lately turned Papist)
for the printing missals, offices, lives of saints, portals,
primers, etc., books expressly forbidden to be printed or
sold, by divers Acts of Parliament; I refused to put my
seal to it, making my exceptions, so it was laid by.

i4th. March, 1686. The Bishop of Bath and Wells
preached on John vi. 17, a most excellent and pathetic
discourse: after he had recommended the duty of fasting
and other penitential duties, he exhorted to constancy in
the Protestant religion, detestation of the unheard-of
cruelties of the French, and stirring up to a liberal con-
tribution. This sermon was the more acceptable, as it
was unexpected from a Bishop who had undergone the
censure of being inclined to Popery, the contrary whereof
no man could show more. This indeed sdid all our
Bishops, to the disabusing and reproach of all their de-
lators: for none were more zealous against Popery than
they were.

i6th March, 1686. I was at a review of the army about
London in Hyde Park, about 6,000 hor$e and foot, in
excellent order; his Majesty and infinity of people being
present.e Closet put out, viz, Bishop of Londonhe orthodox in all