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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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plainly showed what an interest the Papists now had, —
that a Protestant book, containing the life and letters of
so eminent a man, was not to be published. There were
also many letters to and from most of the learned per-
sons his correspondents in Europe. The book will, I
doubt not, struggle through this unjust impediment.

Several Judges were put out, and new complying ones
put in.

25th April, 1686. This day was read in our church
the Brief for a collection for relief of the Protestant
French so cruelly, barbarously, and inhumanly oppressed
without any thing being laid to their charge. It had
been long expected, and at last with difficulty procured
to be published, the interest of the French Ambassador
obstructing it.

5th May, 1686. There being a Seal, it was feared we
should be required to pass a docket dispensing with Dr.
Obadiah Walker and four more, whereof one was an
apostate curate of Putney, the others officers of Univer-
sity College, Oxford, who hold their masterships, fellow-
ships, and cures, and keep public schools, and enjoy all
former emoluments, notwithstanding they no more fre-
quented or used the public forms of prayers, or com-
munion, with the Church of England, or took the Test
or oaths of allegiance and supremacy, contrary to twenty
Acts of Parliament; which dispensation being also con-
trary to his Majesty's own gracious declaration at the
beginning of his reign, gave umbrage (as well it might)
to every good Protestant; nor could we safely have
passed it under the Privy Seal, wherefore it was done
by immediate warrant, signed by Mr. Solicitor.

This Walker was a learned person, of a monkish
life, to whose tuition I had more than thirty years
since recommended the sons of my worthy friend, Mr.
Hyldyard, of Horsley in Surrey, believing him to be far
from what he proved—a hypocritical concealed Papist—
by which he perverted the eldest son of Mr. Hyldyard,
Sir Edward Hale's eldest son, and several more, to the
great disturbance of the whole nation, as well as of the
University, as by his now public defection appeared. All
engines being now at work to bring in Popery, which
God in mercy prevent !

This day was burned in the old Exchange^ by the com* infinity of people being