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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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(who alone was ever to be of the quorum), the Chief
Justice [Herbert], and Lord President [Earl of Sunder-

18th July, 1686. I went to see Sir John Chardin, at

4th August, 1686. I dined at Signor Verrio's, the
famous Italian painter, now settled in his Majesty's gar-
den at St. James's, which he had made a very delicious

8th August, 1686. Our vicar gone to dispose of his
country living in Rutlandshire, having St. Dunstan in the
east given him by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

I went to visit the Marquis Ravign6, now my neigh-
bor at Greenwich, retired from the persecution in Prance.
He was the deputy of all the Protestants of that king-
dom in the parliament of Paris, and several times Am-
bassador in this and other Courts; a person of great
learning and experience.

8th September, 1686. Dr. Compton, Bishop of London,
was on Monday suspended, on pretense of not silencing
Dr. Sharp at St. Giles's, for something of a sermon in
which he zealously reproved the doctrine of the Roman
Catholics. The Bishop having consulted the civilians,
they told him he could not by any law proceed against
Dr. Sharp without producing witnesses, and impleaded
according to form; but it was overruled by my Lord
Chancellor, and the Bishop sentenced without so much as
being heard to any purpose. This was thought a very
extraordinary way of proceeding, and was universally
resented, and so much the rather for that two Bishops,
Durham and Rochester, sitting in the commission and
giving their suffrages the Archbishop of Canterbury
refused to sit among them. He was only suspended ab
officio, and that was soon after taken off. He was brother
to the Earl of Northampton, had once been a soldier,
had traveled in Italy, but became a sober, grave, and
excellent prelate.

12th September, 1686. Buda now taken from the Turks;
a form of thanksgiving was ordered to be used in the
(as yet remaining) Protestant chapels and church of
Whitehall and Windsor.

The King of Denmark was besieging Hamburg, no
doubt by the French contrivance, to embroil the Protes-[Bancroft], Bishop