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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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rising, gives it a prospect over the Keep of Windsor,
about three miles N. E. of it. The ground is clayey and
moist; the water stark naught; the park is pretty; the
house tolerable, and gardens convenient. After dinner,
we came back to London, having two coaches both going
and coming, of six horses apiece, which we changed at

24th October, 1686. Dr. Warren preached before the
Princess at Whitehall, on $th Matthew, of the blessedness
of the pure in heart, most elegantly describing the bliss
of the beatifical vision. In the afternoon, Sir George
Wheeler, knight and baronet, preached on the 4th Matt,
upon the necessity of repentance, at St. Margaret's, an
honest and devout discourse, and pretty tolerably per-
formed. This gentleman coming from his travels out of
Greece, fell in love with the daughter of Sir Thomas
Higgins, his Majesty's resident at Venice, niece to the
Earl of Bath, and married her. When they returned into
England, being honored with knighthood, he would needs
turn preacher, and took orders. He published a learned
and ingenious book of his travels, and is a very worthy
person, a little formal and particular, but exceedingly

27th October, 1686. There was a triumphant show of
the Lord Mayor both by land and water, with much so-
lemnity, when yet his power has been so much diminished,
by the loss of the city's former charter.

5th November, 1686. I went to St. Martin's in the
morning, where Dr. Birch preached very boldly against the
Papists, from John xvi 2. In the afternoon I heard Dr.
Tillotson in Lincoln's Inn chapel, on the same text, but
more cautiously.

I 16th November, 1686. I went with part of my family
to pass the melancholy winter in London at my son's
house in Arundel Buildings.

5th December, 1686. I dined at my Lady Arlington's,
Groom of 'the Stole to the Queen Dowager at Somerset
House, where dined divers French noblemen, driven out
of their country by the persecution.

16th December, 1686. I carried the Countess of Sun-
derland to see the rarities of one Mr. Charlton in the
Middle Temple, who showed us such a collection as I had
never seen in all my travels abroad either of -privateich corrupt