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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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is in the court where the Governors meet to consult on
the affairs of the Hospital, and his statue in white
marble stands in a niche of the wall below, as you go
to the church, which is a modern, noble, and ample
fabric. This foundation has had, and still has, many

16th March, 1687. I saw a trial of those devilish,
murdering, mischief doing engines called bombs, shot
out of the mortar piece on Blackheath. The distance
that they are cast, the. destruction they make where they
fall, is prodigious.

2oth March, 1687. The Bishop of Bath and Wells (Dr.
Ken) preached at St Martin's to a crowd of people not
to be expressed, nor the wonderful eloquence of this
admirable preacher; the.text was Matt. xxvi. 36 to verse
40, describing the bitterness of our Blessed Savior's agony,
the ardor of his love, the infinite obligations we have to
imitate his patience and resignation; the means by watch-
ing against temptations, and over ourselves with fervent
prayer to attain it, and the exceeding reward in the end.
Upon all which he made most pathetical discourses. The
Communion followed, at which I was participant. I
afterward dined at Dr. Tenison's with the Bishop and
that young", most learned, pious, and excellent preacher,
Mr Wake. In the afternoon, I went to hear Mr. Wake
at the newly built church of St Anne, on Mark viii. 34,
upon the subject of taking up the cross, and strenuously
behaving ourselves in time of persecution, as this now
threatened to be.

His Majesty again prorogued the Parliament, foreseeing
it would not remit the laws against Papists, by the ex-
traordinary zeal and bravery of its members, and the
free renunciation of the great officers both in Court and
state, who would not be prevailed with for any temporal

25th March, 1687. GOOD FRIDAY. Dr. Tenison preached
at St Martins on i Peter ii. 24. During the service, a
man came into near the middle of the church, with his
sword drawn, with several others in that posture; in this
jealous time it put the congregation into great confusion,
but it appeared to be one who fled for sanctuary, being
pursued by bailiffs.

8th April,  1687*    I had a rehearing of my great causetheir