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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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DIARY    OP                                    LONDON

Note, they denied to pay the Lieutenant of the Tower
(Hales, who used them very surlily), any fees, alleging
that none were due.

The night was solemnized with bonfires, and other fire-
works, etc.

2d July, 1688. The two judges, Holloway and Powell,
were displaced.

3d July, 1688. I went with Dr. Godolphin and his
brother Sir William to St. Alban's, to see a library he
would have bought of the widow of Dr. Cartwright,
late Archdeacon of St. Alban's, a very good collection
of books, especially in divinity; he was to give ^300
for them. Having seen the GREAT CHURCH, now newly
repaired by a public contribution, we returned home.

8th July, 1688. One of the King's chaplains preached
before the Princess on Exodus xiv. 13, <( Stand still, and
behold the salvation of the Lord,* which he applied so
boldly to the present conjuncture of the Church of Eng-
land, that more could scarce be said to encourage de-
sponders. The Popish priests were not able to carry their
cause against their learned adversaries, who confounded
them both by their disputes and writings.

i2th July, 1688. The camp now began at Hounslow,
but the nation was in high discontent.

Colonel Titus, Sir Henry Vane (son of him who was
executed for his treason), and some other of the Pres-
byterians and Independent party, were sworn of the
Privy Council, from hopes of thereby diverting that party
from going over to the Bishops and Church of England,
which now they began to do, foreseeing the design of
the Papists to descend and take in their most hateful of
heretics (as they at other times expressed them to be)
to effect their own ends, now evident; the utter extir-
pation of the Church of England first, and then the rest
would follow.

17th July, 1688. This night the fireworks were
played off, that had been prepared for the Queen's up-
sitting. We saw them to great advantage; they were
very fine, and cost some thousands of pounds, in the
pyramids, statues, etc., but were spent too soon for so
long a preparation.

26th July, 1688,. I went to Lambeth to visit the Arch-
bishop, whom I found very cheerful.ll along full of comfort