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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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having been lately burned and re-edified, is now become
a town that for the beauty of the buildings, especially
the church and townhouse, may compare with the neatest
in Italy itself.

Dr. Sprat, Bishop of Rochester, wrote a very honest
and handsome letter to the Commissioners Ecclesiastical,
excusing himself from sitting any longer among them,
he by no means approving of their prosecuting the Clergy
who refused to read the Declaration for liberty of con-
science, in prejudice of the Church of England.

The Dutch make extraordinary preparations both at sea
and land, which with no small progress Popery makes
among us, puts us to many difficulties. The Popish Irish
soldiers commit many murders and insults; the whole
nation disaffected, and in apprehensions.

After long trials of the doctors to bring tip the little
Prince of Wales by hand (so many of her Majesty's chil-
dren having died infants) not succeeding, a country
nurse, the wife of a tile maker, is taken to give it suck.

18th September, 1688. I went to London, where I
found the Court in the utmost consternation on report
of the Prince of Orange's landing; which put Whitehall
into so panic a fear, that I could hardly believe it possi-
ble to find such a change.

Writs were issued in order to a Parliament, and a dec-
laration to back the good order of elections, with great
professions of maintaining the Church of England, but
without giving any sort of satisfaction to the people, who
showed their high discontent at several things in the

Earthquakes had utterly demolished the ancient Smyrna,
and several other places in Greece, Italy, and even in
the Spanish Indies, forerunners of greater calamities.
God Almighty preserve his Church and all who put
themselves' under the shadow of his wings, till these
things be overpassed.

3oth September, 1688. The Court in so extraordinary
a consternation, on assurance of the Prince of Orange's
intention to land, that the writs sent forth for a Parlia-
ment were recalled.

7th October, 1688. Dr. Tenison preached at St. Mar-
tin's on 2 Tim. iii. 16, showing the Scriptures to be OUT
only rule of faith, and its perfection above all traditions.nver-