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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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him, from good hands, of what was contriving by them.
A paper of what the Bishops advised his Majesty was
published. The Bishops were enjoined to prepare a form
of prayer against the feared invasion. A pardon pub-
lished. Soldiers and mariners daily pressed.,

i4th October, 1688. The King's birthday. No guns
from the Tower as usual. The sun eclipsed at its rising.
This day signal for the victory of William the Conqueror
against Harold, near Battel, in Sussex. The wind, which
had been hitherto west, was east all this day. Wonder-
ful expectation of the Dutch fleet. Public prayers ordered
to be read in the churches against invasion.

28th October, 1688.    A tumult in London on the rab-

you, is only to create a jealousy and suspicion among well-meaning
people of such compliances, as it is certain they have no cause to appre-
hend. The plan of this and of all that which is to follow of seeming
favor thence, is wholly drawn by the Jesuits, who are at this time
more than ever busy to make divisions among us, all other arts and
mechanisms having hitherto failed them. They have, with other things
contrived that your Lordships the Bishops should give his Majesty
advice separately, without calling any of the rest of the Peers, which,
though maliciously suggested, spreads generally about the town. I do
not at all question but your Grace will speedily prevent the operation
of this venom, and that you will think it highly necessary so to do,
that your Grace is also enjoined to compose a form of prayer, wherein
the Prince of Orange is expressly to be named the Invader: of this I
presume not to say anything; but for as much as in all the Declara-
tions, etc., which have hitherto been published in pretended favor of
the Church of England, there is not once the least mention of the
LAND AS BY LAW ESTABLISHED, which Church the Papists tell us is the
CHURCH OF ROME, which is (say they) the Catholic Church of England
—that only is established by Law; the Church of England in the
REFORMED sense so established, is but by an usurped authority. The
antiquity of THAT would by these words be explained, and utterly
defeat this false and subdolous construction, and take off all exceptions
whatsoever; if, in all extraordinary offices, upon these occasions, the
words REFORMED and PROTESTANT were added to that of the CHURCH
OF ENGLAND BY LAW ESTABLISHED. And whosoever threatens to in-
vade or come against us, to the prejudice of that Church, in God's
name, be they Dutch or Irish, let us heartily pray and fight against
them. My Lord, this is, I confess, a bold,, but honest period; and,
though I am well assured that your Grace is perfectly acquainted
with all this before, and therefore may blame my impertinence, as
that does (MorptoeTCiaKOTrelv; yet I am confident you will not reprove
the zeal of one who most humbly begs your Grace's pardon, with
your blessing. Lond., 10 Oct., 1688.)} (Prom a copy in Evelyn's hand-
writing.) See/#£/, p. 285.                                tion were alarmed about a conspiracy of some eminent