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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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DIARY   OF                                LONDON

ble demolishing a Popish chapel that had been setup in
the city.

29th October, 1688. Lady Sunderland acquainted me
with his Majesty's taking away the Seals from Lord
Sunderland, and of her being with the Queen to inter-
cede for him. It is conceived that he had of late grown
remiss in pursuing the interest of the Jesuitical counsels;
some reported one thing, some another; but there was
doubtless some secret betrayed, which time may discover.

There was a Council called, to which were summoned
the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Judges, the Lord
Mayor, etc. The Queen Dowager, and all the ladies and
lords who were present at the Queen Consort's labor,
were to give their testimony upon oath of the Prince of
Wales's birth, recorded both at the Council Board and at
the Chancery a day or two after. This procedure was
censured by some as below his Majesty to condescend to,
on the talk of the people. It was remarkable that on
this occasion the Archbishop, Marquis of Halifax, the
Earls of Clarendon and Nottingham, refused to sit at the
Council table among Papists, and their bold telling his
Majesty that whatever was done while such sat among
them was unlawful and incurred prcemunire;  at least,
if what I heard be true.

3Oth October, 1688. I dined with Lord Preston, made
Secretary of State, in the place of the Earl of Sunder-

Visited Mr. Boyle, when came in the Duke of Hamil-
ton and Earl of Burlington. The Duke told us many
particulars of Mary Queen of Scots, and her amours with
the Italian favorite, etc.

3ist October, 1688. My birthday, being the 68th year
of my age. O blessed Lord, grant that as I grow in
years, so may I improve in grace! Be thou my pro-
tector this following year, and preserve me and mine
from those dangers and great confusions that threaten a
sad revolution to this sinful nation! Defend thy church,
our holy religion, and just laws, disposing his Majesty
to listen to sober and healing counsels, that if it be thy
blessed will, we may still enjoy that happy tranquility
which hitherto thou hast continued to us! Amen, Amen!

ist November, 1688. Dined with Lord Preston, with
other company, at Sir Stephen Fox's. Continual alarmstruction, and take off all exceptions