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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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DIARY OF                             LONDON

consult what was fit to be done on this occasion, not
thinking it right to publish anything without them, and
till they had themselves seen the Prince's manifesto, in
which it was pretended he was invited in by the Lords,
spiritual and temporal. This did not please the King;
so they departed.

A declaration was published, prohibiting all persons to
see or read the Prince's manifesto, in which was set forth
at large the cause of his expedition, as there had been one
before from the States.

These are the beginnings of sorrow, unless God in his
mercy prevent it by some happy reconciliation of all dis-
sensions among us. This, in all likelihood, nothing can
effect except a free Parliament; but this we cannot hope
to see, while there are any forces on either side. I pray
God to protect and direct the King for the best and
truest interest of his people!I saw his Majesty touch
for the evil, Piten the Jesuit, and Warner officiating.

i4th November, 1688. The Prince, increases every day
in force. Several Lords go in to him. Lord Cornbury
carries some regiments, and marches to Honiton, the
Prince's headquarters. The city of London in disorder;
the rabble pulled down the nunnery newly bought by the
Papists of Lord Berkeley, at St. John's. The Queen pre-
pares to go to Portsmouth for safety, to attend the issue
of this commotion, which has a dreadful aspect.

i8th November, 1688. It was now a very hard frost.
The King goes to Salisbury to rendezvous the army, and
return to London. Lord Delamere appears for the Prince
in Cheshire. The nobility meet in Yorkshire. The Arch-
bishop of Canterbury and some Bishops, and such Peers
as were in London, address Ms Majesty to call a Parlia-
ment The King invites all foreign nations to come
over. The French take all the Palatinate, and alarm the
Germans more than ever.

29th November, 1688. I went to the Royal Society.
We adjourned the election of a President to 23d of April,
by reason of the public commotions, yet dined together
as of custom this day.

2d December, 1688. Dr. Tenison preached at St. Mar-
tin's on Psalm xxxvi. 5, 6, 7, concerning Providence. I
received the blessed Sacrament. Afterward, visited my
Lord Godolphin, then going with the Marquis of Halifaxer; if, in all extraordinary offices, upon these occasions, the