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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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and Earl of Nottingham as Commissioners to the Prince
of Orange; he told me they had little power. Plymouth
declared for the Prince. Bath, York, Hull, Bristol, and
all the eminent nobility and persons of quality through
England, declare for the Protestant religion and laws, and
go to meet the Prince, who every day sets forth new
Declarations against the Papists. The great favorites at
Court, Priests and Jesuits, fly or abscond. Everything,
till now concealed, flies abroad in public print, and is
cried about the streets. Expectation of the Prince com-
ing to Oxford. The Prince of Wales and great treasure
sent privily to Portsmouth, the Earl of Dover being Gov-
ernor. Address from the Fleet not grateful to his Maj-
esty. The Papists in offices lay down their commissions,
and fly. Universal consternation among them; it looks
like a revolution.

7th December, 1688. My son went toward Oxford. I
returned home.

9th December, 1688. Lord Sunderland meditates flight.
The rabble demolished all Popish chapels, and several
Papist lords and gentlemen's houses, especially that of
the Spanish Ambassador, which they pillaged, and burned
his library.

13th December, 1688. The King flies to sea, puts in at
Faversham for ballast; is rudely treated by the people;
comes back to Whitehall.

The Prince of Orange is advanced to Windsor, is invited
by the King to St. James's, the messenger sent was the
Earl of Faversham, the General of the Forces, who going
without trumpet, or passport, is detained prisoner by the
Prince, who accepts the invitation, but requires his Majesty
to retire to some distant place, that his own guards may
be quartered about the palace and city. This is taken
heinously and the King goes privately to Rochester; is
persuaded to come back; comes on the Sunday; goes to
mass, and dines in public, a Jesuit saying grace (I was

iyth December, 1688. That night was a Council; his
Majesty refuses to assent to all the proposals; goes away
again to Rochester.

i8th December, 1688. I saw the King take barge to
Gravesend at twelve o'clock—a sad sight! The Prince
comes to St. James's, and fills Whitehall with Dutchnce. I