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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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DIARY OF                             LONDON

25th August, 1689. Hitherto it has been a most sea-
sonable summer. Londonderry relieved after a brave and
wonderful holding out.

2ist September, 1689. I went to visit the Archbishop
of Canterbury since his suspension, and was received with
great kindness. A dreadful fire happened in Southwark.

2d October, 1689. Came to visit us the Marquis de
Ruvignk, and one Monsieur le Coque, a French refugee,
who left great riches for his religion; a very learned,
civil person; he married the sister of the Duchess de la
Force. Ottobone, a Venetian Cardinal, eighty years old,
made Pope.*

3ist October, 1689. My birthday, being now sixty-
nine years old. Blessed Father, who hast prolonged my
years to this great age, and given me to see so great
and wonderful revolutions, and preserved me amid them
to this moment, accept, I beseech thee, the continuance
of my prayers and thankful acknowledgments, and grant
me grace to be working out my salvation and redeeming
the time, that thou mayst be glorified by me here,
and my immortal soul saved whenever thou shalt call
for it, to perpetuate thy praises to all eternity, in that
heavenly kingdom where there are no more changes or
vicissitudes, but rest, and peace, and joy, and consum-
mate felicity, forever. Grant this, O heavenly Father,
for the sake of Jesus thine only Son and our Savior.

5th November, 1689. The Bishop of St. Asaph, Lord
Almoner, preached before the King and Queen, the
whole discourse being an historical narrative of the
Church of England's several deliverances, especially that
of this anniversary, signalized by being also the birthday
of the Prince of Orange, his marriage (which was on the
4th), and his landing at Torbay this day. There was a
splendid ball and other rejoicings.

loth November, 1689. After a very wet season, the
winter came on severely.

17th November, 1689. Much wet, without frost, yet the
wind north and easterly. A Convocation of the Clergy
meet about a reformation of our Liturgy, Canons, etc.,
obstructed by others of the clergy.

* Peter Otthobonus succeeded Innocent XL as Pope in 1689, by the
title of Alexander VIII,n.more masterly manner. them in a creek as they were land-