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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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Teignmouth, in Devon, and burned some poor houses. The
French fleet still hovering about the western coast, and
we having 300 sail of rich merchant-ships in the bay of
Plymouth, our fleet began to move toward them, under
three admirals. The country in the west all on their
guard. A very extraordinary fine season; but on the i2th
was a very great storm of thunder and lightning, and on
the 15th the season much changed to wet and cold.
The militia and trained bands, horse and foot, which
were up through England, were dismissed. The French
King having news that King William was slain, and his
army defeated in Ireland, caused such a triumph, at Paris,
and all over France, as was never heard of; when, in the
midst of it, the unhappy King James being vanquished,
by a speedy flight and escape, himself brought the news
of his own defeat.

15 th August, 1690. I was desired to be one of the
bail of the Earl of Clarendon, for his release from the
Tower, with divers noblemen. The Bishop of St. Asaph
expounds his prophecies to me and Mr. Pepys, etc. The
troops from Blackheath march to Portsmouth. That sweet
and hopeful youth, Sir Charles Tuke, died of the wounds
he received in the fight of the Boyne, to the great sorrow
of all his friends, being (I think) the last male of that
family, to which my wife is related. A more virtuous
young gentleman I never knew; he was learned for his
age, having had the advantage of the choicest breeding
abroad, both as to arts and arms; he had traveled much,
but was so unhappy as to fall in the side of his unfor-
tunate King.

The unseasonable and most tempestuous weather hap-
pening, the naval expedition is hindered, and the extrem-
ity of wet causes the siege of Limerick to be raised,
King William returned to England. Lord Sidney left
Governor of what is conquered in Ireland, which is near
three parts [in four].

iyth August, 1690. A public feast. An extraordinary
sharp, cold, east wind.

12th October, 1690. The French General, with Tyrcon-
nel and their forces, gone back to France, beaten out by
King William. Cork delivered on discretion. The Duke
of Graf ton was there mortally wounded and dies. Very
great storms of wind. The 8th of this month Lordation of having sent information to the French Court of