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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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1690-91                       JOHN EVELYN

Spencer wrote me word from Althorpe, that there hap-
pened an earthquake the day before in the morning,
which, though short, sensibly shook the house. The
<( GazetteJ> acquainted us that the like happened at the same
time, half-past seven, at Barnstaple, Holyhead, and Dub-
lin. We were not sensible of it here.

26th October, 1690. Kinsale at last surrendered, mean-
time King James's party burn all the houses they have in
their power, and among them that stately palace of Lord
Ossory's, which lately cost, as reported, ^40,000 By a
disastrous accident, a third-rate ship, the Breda, blew up
and destroyed all on board; in it were twenty-five pris-
oners of war. She was to have sailed for England the
next day.

3d November, 1690. Went to the Cotmtess of Clan-
carty, to condole with her concerning her debauched and
dissolute son, who had done so much mischief in Ireland,
now taken and brought prisoner to the Tower.

16th November, 1690. Exceeding" great storms, yet a
warm season

23d November,   1690.     Carried Mr. Pepys's memorials
to Lord Godolphin, now resuming the commission of the e
Treasury, to the wonder of all his friends.

ist December, 1690. Having been chosen President
of the Royal Society, I desired to decline it, and with
great difficulty devolved the election on Sir Robert
Southwell, Secretary of State to King William in Ireland.

2oth December, 1690. Dr. Hough, President of Mag-
dalen College, Oxford, who was displaced with several
of the Fellows for not taking the oath imposed by King
James, now made a Bishop Most of this month cold
and frost. One Johnson, a Knight, was executed at Ty-
burn for being an accomplice with Campbell, brother to
Lord Argyle, in stealing a young heiress.

4th January, 1690-91. This week a PLOT was discov-
ered for a general rising against the new Government,
for which (Henry) Lord Clarendon and others were sent
to the Tower The next day, I went to see Lord Clar-
endon. The Bishop of Ely searched for. Trial of Lord
Preston, as not being an English Peer, hastened at the
Old Bailey.

i8th January, 1691. Lord Preston condemned about a
design to bring in King James by the French. Ashtonh Lordation of having sent information to the French Court of