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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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DIARY OF                            LONDON

afternoon, a very great appearance of the country being
there. I was the chief mourner; the pall was held by
Sir Francis Vincent, Sir Richard Onslow, Mr. Thomas
Howard (son to Sir Robert, and Captain of the King's
Guard), Mr. Hyldiard, Mr. James, Mr. Herbert, nephew
to Lord Herbert of Cherbury, and cousin-german to my
deceased nephew. He was laid in the vault at Wotton
Church, in the burying place of the family. A great
concourse of coaches and people accompanied the so-

loth June, 1691. I went to visit Lord Clarendon, still
prisoner in the Tower, though Lord Preston being par-
doned was released.

17th June, 1691.    A fast.

nth July, 1691. I dined with Mr. Pepys, where was
Dr. Cumberland, the new Bishop of Norwich,* Dr. Lloyd
having been put out for not acknowledging the Govern-
ment. Cumberland is a very learned, excellent man.
Possession was now given to Dr. Tillotson, at Lambeth,
by the Sheriff; Archbishop Bancroft was gone, but had
left his nephew to keep possession; and he refusing to
deliver it up on the Queen's message, was dispossessed
by the Sheriff, and imprisoned. This stout demeanor of
the few Bishops who refused [to take the oaths to King
William, animated a great party to forsake the churches,
so as to threaten a schism; though those who looked
further into the ancient practice, found that when (as
formerly) there were Bishops displaced on secular ac-
counts, the people never refused to acknowledge the new
Bishops, provided they were not heretics. The truth is,
the whole clergy had till now stretched the duty of
passive obedience, so that the proceedings against these
Bishops gave no little occasion of exceptions; but this
not amounting to heresy, there was a necessity of re-
ceiving the new Bishops, to prevent a failure of that
order in the Church. I went to visit Lord Clarendon
in the Tower, but he was gone into the country for
air by the Queen's permission, under the care of his

18th July, 1691. To London to hear Mr. Stringfellow
preach his first sermon in the newly erected Church of

*A mistake. Dr. Cumberland was made Bishop of Peterborough
and Dr. Jolin Moore succeeded Dr. Lloyd in the see of Norwich. in thenformation to the French Court of