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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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DIARY   OP                                     LONDON

secular honor and titles, his fear of not being- able to
discharge so weighty a duty as the first, made him de-
cline that, and his humility the other. He spoke of his
civility to strangers, the great good which he did by his
experience in medicine and chemistry, and to what noble
ends he applied himself to his darling studies; the works,
both pious and useful, which he published; the exact life
he led, and the happy end he made. Something was
touched of his sister, the Lady Ranelagh, who died but
a few days before him. And truly all this was but his
due, without any grain of flattery.

This week a most execrable murder was committed on
Dr. Clench, father of that extraordinary learned child
whom I have before noticed. Under pretense of carrying
him in a coach to see a patient, they strangled him in it;
and, sending away the coachman under some pretense,
they left his dead body in the coach, and escaped in the
dusk of the evening.

i2th January, 1692. My granddaughter was christened
by Dr. Tenison, now Bishop of Lincoln, in Trinity Church,
being the first that was christened there. She was named

24th January, 1692. A frosty and dry season continued;
many persons die of apoplexy, more than -usual. Lord
Marlborough, Lieutenant-General of the King's army in
England, gentleman of the bedchamber, etc., dismissed
from all his charges, military and other, for his excessive
taking of bribes, covetousness, and extortion on all occa-
sions from his inferior officers. Note, this was the Lord
who was entirely advanced by King James, and was the
first who "betrayed and forsook his master. He was son
of Sir Winston Churchill of the Greencloth.

yth February, 1692. An extraordinary snow fell in most

13th February, 1692. Mr. Boyle having made me one of
the trustees for his charitable bequests, I went to a meet-
ing of the Bishop of Lincoln, Sir Rob. . . . wood, and
serjeant, Rotheram, to settle that clause in the will which
related to charitable uses, and especially the appointing
and electing a minister to preach one sermon the first
Sunday in the month, during the four summer months,
expressly against Atheists, Deists, Libertines, Jews, etc.,
without descending to any other controversy whatever,mplary  for his  benefaction  to   that  place.