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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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1693-94                        JOHN EVELYN

declined it.    Sir Robert Southwell was continued.    We all
dined at Pontac's as usual.

3d December, 1693. Mr. Bentley preached at the Tab-
ernacle, near Golden Square. I gave my voice for him
to proceed on his former subject the following year in
Mr. Boyle's lecture, in which he had been interrupted by
the importunity of Sir J. Rotheram that the Bishop of
Chichester * might be chosen the year before, to the great
dissatisfaction of the Bishop of Lincoln and myself. We
chose Mr. Bentley again. The Duchess of Grafton's ap-
peal to the House of Lords for the Prothonotary's place
given to the late Duke and to her son by King Charles
II., now challenged by the Lord Chief Justice. The
judges were severely reproved on something they said.

loth December, 1693. A very great storm of thunder
and lightning.

ist January, 1693-94. Prince Lewis of Baden came to
London, and was much feasted. Danish ships arrested
carrying corn and naval stores to France.

nth January, 1694. Supped at Mr. Edward Sheldon's,
where was Mr. Dryden, the poet, who now intended to
write no more plays, being intent on his translation of
Virgil. He read to us his prologue and epilogue to his
valedictory play now shortly to be acted.

2 ist January, 1694. Lord Macclesfield, Lord Warrington,
and Lord Westmorland, all died within about one week.
Several persons shot, hanged, and made away with

nth February, 1694. Now was the great trial of the
appeal of Lord Bath and Lord Montagu before the Lords,
for the estate of the late Duke of Albemarle.

loth March, 1694. Mr. Stringfellow preached at Trin-
ity parish, being restored to that place, after the con-
test between the Queen and the Bishop of London who
had displaced him.

22d March, 1694. Came the dismal news of the disas-
ter befallen our Turkey fleet by tempest, to the almost utter
ruin of that trade, the convoy of three or four men-of-war,
and divers merchant ships, with all their men and lading,
having perished.

25th March, 1694. Mr. Goode, minister of St. Mar-
tin's, preached; he was likewise put in by the Queen,

*A mistake for Bath and Wells.   Bishop Kidder is referred to.ty, but I againrich and plenti-me of the accused were