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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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DIARY OF                                LONDON

was found wherein she had desired that her body might
not be opened, or any extraordinary expense at her fun-
eral, whenever she should die. This paper was not found
in time to be observed. There were other excellent
things under her own hand, to the very least of her
debts, which were very small, and everything in that
exact method, as seldom is found in any private per-
son. In sum, she was such an admirable woman, abat-
ing for taking the Crown without a more due apology,
as does, if possible, outdo the renowned Queen Eliza-

loth March, 1695. I dined at the Earl of Sunder-
land's with Lord Spencer. My Lord showed me his
library, now again improved by many books bought at
tlie sale of Sir Charles Scarborough, an eminent physi-
cian, which was the very best collection, especially of
mathematical books, that was I believe in Europe, once
designed for the King's Library at St. James's; but the
Queen dying, who was the great patroness of that
design, it was let fall, and the books were miserably

The new edition of Camden's tt Britannia  was now pub-
lished (by Bishop Gibson), with great additions; those to
Surrey were mine, so that I had one presented to me.
Dr. Gale showed me a MS. of some parts of the New
Testament in vulgar Latin, that had belonged to a mon-
astery in the North of Scotland, which he esteemed to
he about eight hundred years old; there were some con-
siderable various readings observable, as in John L, and
genealogy of St. Luke.

24th March, 1695. EASTER "DAY. Mr. Duncomb, par-
son of this parish, preached, which he hardly comes to
above once a year though but seven or eight miles
off ; a florid discourse, read out of his notes. The
Holy Sacrament followed, which he administered with
very little reverence, leaving out many prayers and
exhortations; nor was there any oblation. This ought
to be reformed, but my good brother did not well con-
sider when he gave away this living and the next [Abin-

March, 1695.    The latter end of the month sharp  and
severely cold, with much snow andtianl frost ; no
ance of spring.y; that, on opening a cabinet, a paper to London to congratu-