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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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169S                               JOHN EVELYN

3ist March, 1695. Mr. Lucas preached in the afternoon
at Wotton.

yth April, 1695. Lord Halifax died suddenly at Lon-
don, the day his daughter was married to the Earl of
Nottingham's son at Btirleigh. Lord H. was a very rich
man, very witty, and in his younger days somewhat posi-

i4th April, 1695. After a most severe, cold, and snowy
winter, without almost any shower for many months, the
wind continuing N. and E. and not a leaf appearing; the
weather and wind now changed, some showers fell, and
there was a remission of cold.

2ist April, 1695. The spring begins to appear, yet the
trees hardly leafed. Sir T. Cooke discovers what pro-
digious bribes have been given by some of the East India
Company out of the stock, which makes a great clamor.
Never were so many private bills passed for unsettling
estates, showing the wonderful prodigality and decay of

5th May, 1695. I came to Deptford from Wotton, in
order to the first meeting of the Commissioners for en-
dowing an hospital for seamen at Greenwich; it was at
the Guildhall, London. Present, the Archbishop of
Canterbury, Lord Keeper, Lord Privy Seal, Lord Godol-
phin, Duke of Shrewsbury, Duke of Leeds, Earls of
Dorset and Monmouth, Commissioners of the Admiralty
and Navy, Sir Robert Clayton, Sir Christopher Wren,
and several more. The Commission was read by Mr.
Lowndes, Secretary to the Lords of the Treasury, Sur-

iyth May, 1695. Second meeting of the Commission-
ers, and a committee appointed to go to Greenwich to
survey the place, I being one of them.

2ist May, 1695. We went to survey Greenwich, Sir
Robert Clayton, Sir Christopher Wren, Mr. Travers, the
King's Surveyor, Captain Sanders, and myself.

24th May, 1695. We made report of the state of
Greenwich house, and how the standing part might be made
serviceable at present for ^6,000, and what ground would
be requisite for the whole design. My Lord Keeper or-
dered me to prepare a book for subscriptions, and a
preamble to it.

3ist May, 1695,   Met again.    Mr. Vanbrugh was madel frost ; no