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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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DIARY OF                          LONDON

best fund in England, the Post Office, nobody would take
at 30 per cent discount.

3d August, 1696. The Bank lending the ^200,000 to
pay the army in Flanders, that had done nothing against
the enemy, had so exhausted the treasure of the nation,
that one could not have borrowed money under 14 or 15
per cent on bills, or on Exchequer Tallies under 30 per
cent. Reasonable good harvest weather. I went to
Lambeth and dined with the Archbishop, who had been
at Court on the complaint against Dr. Thomas Watson,
Bishop of St. David's, who was suspended for simony.
The Archbishop told me how unsatisfied he was with the
Canon law, and how exceedingly unreasonable all their
pleadings appeared to him.

September, 1696. Fine seasonable weather, and a great
harvest after a cold, wet summer. Scarcity in Scotland.

6th September, 1696, I went to congratulate the mar-
riage of a daughter of Mr. Boscawen to the son of Sir
Philip Meadows; she is niece to my Lord Godolphin,
married at Lambeth by the Archbishop, 3oth of August.
After above six months' stay in London about Green-
wich Hospital, I returned to Wotton.

24th October, 1696. Unseasonable stormy weather, and
an ill seedtime.

November, 1696. Lord Godolphin retired from the
Treasury, who was the first Commissioner and most
skillful manager of all.

8th November, 1696. The first frost began fiercely,
but lasted not long. More plots talked of. Search for
Jacobites so called.

i5th-23<l November, 1696. Very stormy weather, rain,
and inundations.

i3th December, 1696. Continuance of extreme frost
and snow.

i7th January, 1696-7. The severe frost and weather
relented, but again froze with snow. Conspiracies con-
tinue against King William. Sir John Fenwick was be-

7th February, 1697. Severe frost continued with snow.
Soldiers in the armies and garrison towns frozen to
death on their posts.

(Here a leaf of the MS. is lost.)rfect winter.