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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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1698-99                        JOHN EVELYN

Ormond laid down his commission. This of the Dutch
Lord passing over his head, was exceedingly resented by

April, 1699. Lord Spencer purchased an incomparable
library * of . . . wherein, among other rare books,
were several that were printed at the first invention of
that wonderful art, as particularly (< Tully's Offices, etc.
There was a Homer and a Suidas in a very good Greek
character and good paper, almost as ancient. This gen-
tleman is a very fine scholar, whom from a child I have
known. His tutor was one Florival of Geneva.

29th April, 1699. I dined with the Archbishop; but
my business was to get him to persuade the King to pur-
chase the late Bishop of Worcester's library, and build
a place for his own library at St. James's, in the Park,
the present one being too small.

3d May, 1699. At a meeting of the Royal Society I
was nominated to be of the committee to wait on the
Lord Chancellor to move the King to purchase the Bishop
of Worcester's library (Dr. Edward Stillingfleet).

4th May, 1699. The Court party have little influence
in this Session.

7th May, 1699. The Duke of Ormond restored to Ms
commission. All Lotteries, till now cheating the people,
to be no longer permitted than to Christmas, except that
for the benefit of Greenwich Hospital. Mr. Bridgman,
chairman of the committee for that charitable work, died;
a great loss to it. He was Clerk of the Council, a very
industrious, useful man. I saw the library of Dr. John
Moore, f Bishop of Norwich, one of the best and most
ample collection of all sorts of good books in England,
and he, one of the most learned men.

nth June, 1699. After a long drought, we had a re-
freshing shower. The day before, there was a dreadful
fire at Rotherhithe, near the Thames side, which burned
divers ships, and consumed nearly three hundred houses.
Now died the famous Duchess of Mazarin; she had been
the richest lady in Europe. She was niece of Cardi-
nal Mazarin, and was married to the richest subject in

* The foundation of the noble library now at Blenheim.

f Afterward Bishop of Ely. He died 3 ist of July, 1714. King G-eorg-e
I. purchased this library after the Bishop's death, for 6,000, and pre-
sented it to the University of Cambridge, where it now is.ges.pur-