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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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8th December, 1700. Great alterations of officers at
Court, and elsewhere,óLord Chief Justice Treby died; he
was a learned man in his profession, of which we have
now few, never fewer; the Chancery requiring so little
skill In deep law-learning-, if the practicer can talk elo-
quently in that Court; so that probably few care to study
the law to any purpose. Lord Marlborough Master of the
Ordnance, in place of Lord Romney made Groom of the
Stole. The Earl of Rochester goes Lord Lieutenant to

January, 1700-01. I finished the sale of North Stoake in
Sussex to Robert Michell, Esq., appointed by my brother
to "be sold for payment of portions to my nieces, and
other incumbrances on the estate.

4th January, 1701. An exceeding1 deep snow, and
melted, away as suddenly.

ipth January, 1701. Severe frost, and such a tempest
as threw down many chimneys, and did great spoil at
sea, and blew down above twenty trees of mine at Wot-

pth February, 1701. The old Speaker laid aside, and
Mr. Harley, an able gentleman, chosen. Our country-
man, Sir Richard Onslow, had a party for him.

syth February, 1701. By an order of the House of
Commons, I laid before the Speaker the state of what
had been received and paid toward the building of
Greenwich Hospital.

Mr "Wye, Rector of Wotton, died, a very worthy good
man. I gave it to Dr. Bohun, a learned person and ex-
cellent preacher, who had been my son's tutor, and lived
long- in my family.

18th March, 1701, I let Sayes Court to Lord Car-
marthen, son to the Duke of Leeds. 28th. I went to the
funeral of my sister Draper, who was buried at Edmon-
ton in great state. Dr. Davenant displeased the clergy
now met in Convocation by a passage in his book, p. 40.
April, 1701. A Dutch boy of about eight or nine years
old was carried about by his parents to show, who had
about the iris of one eye the letters of Deus meus, and
of the other Elohim^ in the Hebrew character. How
this was done by artifice none could imagine; his parents
affirming that he was so born. It did not prejudice his
sight, and he seemed to be a lively playing* boy. Every-
3oth November, 1700. At the Royal Society, Lord