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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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I7oi-o2                       JOHN  EVELYN

with his family, came to stay with us, his house at Ad.-
discombe being- new-building-, so that my family was
above thirty. Most of the new Parliament were chosen
of Church of England principles, against the peevish
party. The Queen was magnificently entertained at Ox-
ford and all the towns she passed through on her way to

3ist October, 1702. Arrived now to the 82d year of
my age, having read over all that passed since this day
twelvemonth in these notes, I render solemn thanks to
the Lord, imploring the pardon of my past sins, and the
assistance of his grace; making new resolutions, and im-
ploring that he will continue his assistance, and prepare
me for my blessed Savior's coming, that I may obtain a
comfortable departure, after so long a term as has been
hitherto indulged me. I find by many infirmities this
year (especially nephritic pains) that I much decline;
and yet of his infinite mercy retain my intellect and
senses in great measure above most of my age. I have
this year repaired much of the mansion house and several
tenants' houses, and paid some of my debts and engage-
ments. My wife, children, and family in health: for all
which I most sincerely beseech Almighty God to accept
of these my acknowledgments, and that if it be his holy
will to continue me yet longer, it may be to the praise
of his infinite grace, and salvation of my soul. Amen!

8th November, 1702. My kinsman, John Evelyn, of
Nutfield, a young and very hopeful gentleman, and
Member of Parliament, after having come to Wotton
to see me, about fifteen days past, went to London and
there died of the smallpox. He left a brother, a
commander in the army in Holland, to inherit a fair

Our affairs in so prosperous a condition both by sea
and land, that there has not been so great an union in
Parliament, Court, and people, in memory of man, which
God in mercy make us thankful for, and continue! The
Bishop of Exeter preached before the Queen and both
Houses of Parliament at St. Paul's; they were wonder-
fully huzzaed in their passage, and splendidly entertained
in the city.

December, 1702. The expectation now is, what treas-
ure will be found on breaking "bulk of the galleon broughtmily