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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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DIARY OF                           LONDON

from Vigo by Sir George Rooke, which being made tip
in an extraordinary manner in the hold, was not begun
to be opened till the fifth of this month, before two of
the Privy Council, two of the chief magistrates of the
city, and the Lord Treasurer.

After the excess of honor conferred by the Queen on
the Earl of Marlborough, by making him a Knight of
the Garter and a Duke, for the success of but one cam-
paign, that he should desire ^5,000 a year to be settled
on him by Parliament out of the Post Office, was thought
a bold and unadvised request, as he had, besides his
own considerable estate, above ^"30,000 a year in places
and employments, with ^£50,000 at interest. He had
married one daughter to the son of my Lord Treasurer
Godolphin, another to the Earl of Sunderland, and a third
to the Earl of Bridgewater. He is a very handsome
person, well-spoken and affable, and supports his want of
acquired knowledge by keeping good company.

January, 1702-03. News of Vice-Admiral Benbow's con-
flict with the French fleet in the West Indies, in which
he gallantly behaved himself, and was wounded, and
would have had extraordinary success, had not four of his
men-of-war stood spectators without coming to his assist-
ance; for this, two of their commanders were tried by a
Council of War, and executed ;* a third was condemned
to perpetual imprisonment, loss of pay, and incapacity
to serve in future. The fourth died.

Sir Richard Onslow and Mr. Oglethorpe (son of the
late Sir Theo. O.) fought on occasion of some words
which passed at a committee of the House. Mr. Ogle-
thorpe was disarmed. The Bill against occasional con-
formity was lost by one vote. Corn and provisions so
cheap that the farmers are unable to pay their rents.

February, 1703. A famous cause at the King's Bench
between Mr. Fen wick and his wife, which went for him
with a great estate. The Duke of Marlborough lost his
only son at Cambridge by the smallpox. A great earth-
quake at Rome, etc. A famous young woman, an Italian,
was hired by our comedians to sing on the stage, dur-

*The Captains Kirby and Wade, having been tried and condemned
to die by a court-martial held on them in the West Indies, were sent
home in the «Bristol;» and, on its arrival at Portsmouth were both
shot on board, not being suffered to land on English ground. " '•• Portsmouth, and other places, were still in the Channely [in St. Martin's]; and setens to in-