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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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366                                   DIARY OF                             LONDON

^2,000 a year were given him in reversion when he was
put out, in consideration of his loss of practice. His pred-
ecessors, how little time soever they had the Seal, usually
got ^100,000 and made themselves Barons. A new Sec-
retary of State. Lord Abington, Lieutenant of the Tower,
displaced, and General Churchill, "brother to the Duke of
Marlborougli, put in. An indication of great unsteadi-
ness somewhere, but thus the crafty Whig party (as
called) begin to change the face of the Court, in oppo-
sition to the High Churchmen, which was another
distinction of a party from the Low Churchmen. The Par-
liament chose one Mr. Smith, Speaker. There Had never
been so great an assembly of members on the first day
of sitting, being more than 450. The votes both, of the
old, as well as the new, fell to those called Low Church-
men-, contrary to all expectation.

3ist October, 1705. I am this day arrived to the 85th
year of my age. Lord teach me so to number my days
to come, that I may apply them to wisdom!

ist January, 1705-06. Making up my accounts for the
pasi: year, paid bills, wages, and New Year's gifts, accord-
ing to custom. Though much indisposed and in so ad-
vanced a stage, I went to our chapel [in London] to
give God public thanks, beseeching Almighty God to
assist me and my family the ensuing year, if lie should
yet continue my pilgrimage here, and bring me at last
to a better life with him in his heavenly king-dom.
Divers of our friends and relations dined with us this day.

27th January, 1706. My indisposition increasing, I was
exceedingly ill this whole week.

3d February, 1706. Notes of the sermons at tb.e chapel
in the morning and afternoon, written with his own hand,
conclude this Diary.*

*Mr. Evelyn died on the 27th of this month.
END    OF    THE    DIARY.