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ON the reprinting of the third Italian edition of this work, I found
myself faced with the grave difficulty of having to retain a book
which announces a work whilst that work has for some time been
carried out and accepted in use. Another book ought to have been
substituted for this, yet it is difficult to discard the first document
which has laid the foundation of schools in all parts of the world.
The title of the book gained for the work historical importance
after Pope Benedict XV copied it in his own hand in its entirety, as
a proof of his benevolent approbation of this method of education.

" May the apostolic benediction ... bring those blessings
from heaven which I pray may make fruitful of good The
Method of Scientific Pedagogy applied to Child Education in
the Children's Houses"

21st November, 1918.

For this reason, and because this educational work has found
so many admirers, I have not thought it right to let it disappear..
This book, which today exists in so many languages and which
in so many countries has more editions than in Italy, could not be
allowed to disappear from the country of its origin owing to the
action of its author.

The Method of Scientific Pedagogy Applied to Child Education
in the Children's Houses exists under other and simpler titfes, and