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20                THE DISCOVERY OF THE CHILD

The enormous majority of citizens are honest even when they are
ignorant of the threats of punishment.

The true punishment for the normal man is to lose the con-
sciousness of his own power and greatness, which constitute bis-
quality of manhood; and such punishment often falls upon men
when they are rejoicing in an abundance of what, in common langu-
age, are styled rewards. Unfortunately, man is not aware of the-
real punishment which threatens to overwhelm him.

Here there may be disclosed the remedy—education.

At the present time we keep the pupils in a school com-
pressed between these instruments which degrade both body and
spirit—the bench and external rewards and punishments—for the
purpose of bringing them under the discipline of immobility and
silence, and in order to lead them—where? Unfortunately, nowhere I

The object is to pour mechanically into their brain's pro-
grammes which are often drawn up by ministers and imposed by
laws, alien to the trend of their time.

Confronted with such forgetfulness of life which flows on into
our posterity, what can we do but hang our heads in confusion
and cover our blushing faces with our hands ?

Truly—" Today there stands forth one urgent need: the
reform of methods in education and instruction; and he who strug-
gles towards this end is struggling for the regeneration of man."