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TEACHING METHODS                         81

act and experiences his first stirring of emotion when, on finding
himself near pretty little Fufetta, he notices that she is hungry and
has no lunch.

" He glanced round him, looked at Fufetta. got up, took his
lunch basket and without saying a word placed it on her lap.

" Then he drew back a few steps, and without knowing why
he did it, he bowed his head on his chest and burst into sudden tears.

" My uncle could not explain the reason for this unexpected
outburst of weeping.

" He had seen for the first time two gentle eyes filled with

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be eating

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" Then she kissed him, and my Uncle, yielding again to the
impulse which agitated his heart, threw his arms round her neck*
put forward his lips, and without thinking or looking, still silent
and sobbing, kissed her on the chin.

** Then he drew a long sigh, passed his sleeve across his face
to wipe from his eyes and nose the moist traces of his emotion,,
and recovered his serenity.

" A harsh voice shouted from the far end of the court—6 Here*
you two down there, hurry up, get inside.'

" It was the guardian. She killed that first right impulse in
the soul of a rebel, with the same blind brutality which she would