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H          A          P          T          E          R          IX


Material: Solid insets and blocks. Recognition of Dimensions,
by Visual Means only.

The various series demonstrate differences in dimensions. In
one series, the differences are concerned with one dimension only
(height); in another, there is a graduated difference in two-
dimensions (area); in another, there is a graduated difference in
all three dimensions increasing harmoniously; in another, the
difference also concerns the three dimensions, but in the inverse


There are four strong blocks of natural coloured wood, bright-
ly polished; all four have the same shape and dimensions (55 cms.
long, 5 cms. high, 8 cms. wide). Each of one of these contains ten
insets, which are cylindrical in shape, smooth and slippery and
which are handled by means of a knob placed on the top. They
can be taken out of, and replaced easily, in holes which, hollowed
out in the stand, correspond perfectly and exclusively to each