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THE method of educating the senses of normal children from three
to six years of age opens, I believe., a new way for psychological
research which promises rich results.

Up till now experimental psychology has aimed at perfecting
instruments of measurement, that is, the graduation of stimuli;
but it has not attempted to prepare the individual methodically
for the sensations.

Instead of that, I consider that psychology will owe its deve-
lopment more to the preparation of the individual than to that of
the instrument.

But leaving out of account this purely scientific interest, the
education of the senses is of the highest pedagogic interest.

We set before ourselves two objects in general education, one
biological and one social. The biological object is to help in the
natural development of the individual; the social is to prepare the
individual for his environment, and into this there enters also
professional education which teaches the individual to utilize his
environment The education of the senses is of the highest
importance for both purposes; the development of the senses
precedes that of the higher intellectual powers, and in the