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WRITTEN LANGUAGE                       251

said with astonishment in an article,1 extracting one profitable
idea from them.

(Summary of the lectures on teaching by Dr. Montessori, in
1900, Lith. Romano, Via Frattina 62, disp. 6a, p. 46, " Simul-
taneous Reading and Writing.")

" At this point there is presented the card having the vowels;
coloured in blue; the child sees irregular figures drawn in colour.
The blue vowels are offered to him to be placed over the drawings*
on the card. He has to trace the wooden vowels in the same way
as writing them, and name them; the vowels are grouped according.
to similarity of shapeŚ

o, e, a,                          i, u.

*' Then one says to the child, for example: * Bring me the-
letter o9* 'Put it into its place.' Then, 'What letter is this?*'
Here it will be found that many children make mistakes because
they only look at the letter; they guess without touching it~
Observations may be made which reveal various individual types,,
visual and motor.

** The child is then made to touch the letter drawn on the
card, first with the index finger only, then with the index and middle
fingers, then with a wooden rod held like a pen. The letter must
be followed as in writing it."

" The consonants are drawn in red and are placed on cards
according to similarities in shape; there is added a movable alphabet
of red wood, to be placed over the cards as with the vowels. Along,
with the alphabet is a series of other cards where alongside the-
consonants similar to those of wood there are painted one or two-
figures of objects the names of which begin with the letters drawn.
In front of the cursive letter there is also painted with the same-
colour a smaller letter of printed character.

1G. Ferreri, " On the Teaching of Writing " (System of Dr. Montessori),,
Bulletin of the Roman Association for the medico-pedagogic care of abnormal?
children and poor defectives, vol. I, no. 4, Oct. 1907, Rome (Tip. delle Terms