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300               THE DISCOVERY OF THE CHILD

How to reform the lowest elementary classes, eventually carry-
ing on our methods in them is a big question which does not call
for investigation here. It is enough to say that the first as well as
the second elementary class would be abolished completely by our
child education which include it.

The elementary classes of the future would then receive
children like ours, who already know how to look after themselves,
to dress, undress and wash themselves, who know the rules of
good manners, and are disciplined yet free, or as I may say, have
set themselves free. They, in addition to articulate language com-
pletely developed and free from defects, have also mastered
elementary written language which is beginning to develop into
logical language.

That they speak with a good pronunciation and write beauti-
fully, that their movements are full of grace, indicates that they
belong to a humanity which has been educated under refining

It is the childhood of triumphal humanity, since they are
intelligent and patient observers of their surroundings and possess
as a form of intellectual liberty, spontaneous reasoning.

For such children there ought to be found an elementary
school worthy to receive them and to guide them on the succeeding
path of life and civilization, using the same general principles of
respect for liberty and for the spontaneous manifestations of the
•child—principles which determine the personality of the little men.1

1 These elementary Montessori schools now function fully in most of the
places, where there are Children's Houses and the education imparted there
is described in some, of my books, notably: The Advanced Montessori
f, I and II.