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The same sub-division may be made for the____

fig. 3. The child at first utters single or double sounds, e.g


FIG. 3

expressions which the mother welcomes with tender invitations
and with great delight. Then the child begins to produce sounds
which are disyllabic, " ga-ba" and finally disyllabic words*
mainly labial, e.g. " mama" " baba ".

We say that spoken language is beginning in the child when
the word which he pronounces represents an idea, when, for exam-
ple, on seeing his mother and recognizing her he says " mama" or
on seeing the dog, " tete" on seeing someone eating, "papa9*
(i.e* pap or food).

We consider language to be initiated when it is linked up with
perception, whilst language itself is still, as regards its psycho-
motor mechanism, quite rudimentary.

Language is considered to be initiated when, independently
of the reflex arc, in which the mechanial formation of language is
still unknown, there occurs the recognition of the word in such
a way that it is associated with the object which it represents.