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THE SPEECH OF THE CHILD                   307

That which develops later, the higher language, the dictorium,
does not originate in the mechanism of language, but in intellectual
development which makes use of mechanical language.1

As spoken language is developed by exercising the mechanism
of it and is enriched with perceptions, the dictorium is developed

FIG. 4

with the mind, and is enriched with intellectual education. Referring
back to the language diagram, fig. 4, we see that above the arc
standing for the lower language there is placed the dictorium D,
from which there now issue the motor impulses for the word which
is established as spoken language fitted to express the thought of
the intelligent man.

Up till now, owing to preconceived ideas, it has been thought
that written language must be acquired only through the develop-
ment of the dictorium as a means fitted to secure culture and to
permit the grammatical analysis and the construction of language.
Remembering that " spoken words fly away/ it is admitted that
intellectual culture can advance only with the aid of a language
which is stable, objective, and capable of being analysed, as is
written language.

But why do we, who recognize the precious written language
as an indispensable factor of intellectual education because it fixes
the ideas of men and permits the analysis and assimilation of them
through books in which they are indelibly written, like an

1So the typewriter has nothing to do with the intellectual thought of the
person who uses it to transmit Ms thoughts.