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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE  DYNASTS               *o*« SCENE
organism the anatomy of life and movement in all humanity and vitalized matter included in the display.
SPIRIT OF THE PITIES (after a pause)
Amid this scene of bodies substantive
Strange waves I sight like winds grown visible,
Which bear men s forms on their innumerous coils\
Twining and serpentining round and through.
Also retracting threads like gossamers—
Except in being irresistible—
Which complicate with some, and balance alL
These are the Prime Volitions,—-fibrils, veins, Will-tissues, nerves, and pulses of the Cause, That heave throughout the Earth's compositure. Their sum is like the lobule of a Brain Evolving always that it wots not of; A Brain whose whole connotes the Everywhere, And whose procedure may but be discerned By phantom eyes like ours ; the while unguessed Of those it stirs, who (even as ye do] dream Their motions free, their orderings supreme ; Each life apart from each, with power to mete Its own days measures; balanced, self-complete; Though they subsist but atoms of the One Labouring through all, divisible from none ; But this no further now.   Deem yet mans deeds self-done.
The anatomy of the Immanent Will disappears.
Well close up Time, as a bird its van, Well traverse Space, as spirits can, Link pulses severed by leagues and years, Bring cradles into touch with biers; So that the far-off Consequence appears
Prompt at the heel of foregone Cause.— 14